We have a new special day for CHM. It is the World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk. It will be every last Sabbath of May. This year it will take place on Sabbath May, 26.

As CHM leaders around the world we think that it is good to be aware and involve people about many different challenges are facing children around the world and pray for them. We also can support them by creating awareness and organizing actions.


If you are interested in some ideas we are linked with VIVA organization that organize every year a special week-end  for unfortunate children of the world. Here is the site address:   www.viva.org.

VIVA publishes also a small booklet each year for anyone who would like to download them. It’s a good resource you can access.

There is also the possibility to have other translations and download copies, at following website:



Let’s encourage our children and members to get involved in this special day, interceding for other children at risk around the world. Thank you for sharing this information with your conterparts so they can support this special worldwide prayer day.

God bless you as you continue nurturing children as God’s children and being prayer partners with them for other children.